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CA Healthy Kids Resource Center

The CA Department of Education Healthy Kids Resource Center has reviewed and approved Safe & Caring Schools resource guides. They are available to California educators from their
Health Education Library.



Safe & Caring Schools:
Smart in School - Smart in Life

The Safe & Caring Schools program helps educators easily incorporate social/emotional learning into daily academic instruction for Grades PreK?. Activities develop competencies in (1) self-awareness, (2) social awareness, (3) relationship skills, and (4) responsible decision-making. SCS promotes safer schools where there is a decrease in negative behaviors including bullying, harassment, and violence, and where everyone can build strong character and experience academic success. Learn More

"We have seen a dramatic increase in the use of conflict resolution skills among our students, a reduction in the number of inappropriate behaviors leading to disciplinary action, a noticeable change in school culture (especially in schools that have been implementing the program for 2 -3 years), and more parent awareness of appropriate social skills and emotional literacy skills. I understand how social skills and emotional literacy skills impact upon a child's ability to succeed in school. The Safe & Caring Schools Program addresses these issues beautifully and allows all students to increase these skills in order to become successful students and members of society." - Mary Lou Bergeron, Assistant Superintendent, Lawrence Public Schools


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